NWSL match played on SUPER Small Pitch


Do you remember when your coach made you play 4v4 or 6v6 on a super small compact field? That’s what the field looked like for Saturday’s match between Western New York Flash and Seattle Reign. The Flash moved their game to Rochester’s Frontier Field, because their Regular stadium was being occupied by a music festival. While MLS and NWSL regulations call for a field that is at least 70 yards’ wide they made an exception for this 100 yards long and 58-yard-wide field. That means that there was only 7 yards from the 18-yard box to the outline.

NWSL….This is a joke right?

Looking at the field I thought this this was an absolute joke. Seriously, how could NWSL even allow this to happen. First, whoever was in charge of scheduling should definitely be fired. Secondly, it just seems super careless on NWSL’s behalf to make an exemption for them to play on this field.


This definitely caught the attention of a few USWNT stars including Carli Lloyd who called it “shocking and embarrassing.” Seattle midfielder Jess Fishlock took to Twitter and had a few words to say about the field as well “I love playing in this league. I do. But tonight was embarrassing & insulting to every single player in this league. It has to be better”

“It’s not about winning or losing… It’s about respect. Tonight there was [none and] that’s a shame from such a good league.”

She also proceeded to call out league commissioner saying: “Dear @JeffPlush @NWSL.. I hope you can take 10 min out of your day tomorrow to reflect on this shambles & put it right. Many Thanks WOSO.”

But hey….at least WNYF won 3-2.


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