Catch Up with: Ivan Mirković

I had the opportunity to talk to a few players, so I decided to start a new section in this blog called “Catch Up with” where I catch up with a player who has recently made a big switch or has had something happen in the last few months. My first interview ever I was lucky enough to ask former Sacramento Republic FC(USL) player and now Orange County Blues(USL) midfielder, Ivan Mirković a few questions about his life, and the big shocking move to OC.


– I know there’s still a few people wondering why you left so let’s get that out of the way so let’s hear from you. Why did you leave Sacramento? How did you come to make this decision?

A: “You are starting with a good one. Starting the pre-season after a couple main players left the team, I felt like it was a right time for me to move on as well. I wanted to play soccer on a regular base, a week in, a week out, which maybe would not be the case if I stayed. I wanted a new challenge, a new environment. I was happy to leave.”

-How did it feel going up against old teammates during #SACvOC?

A: “I always have enjoyed playing at Bonney Field, I was excited to be playing there again. As a professional athlete, I try to stay calm, mentally strong, and focus on my game no matter who I go against. It was the same game I didn’t let emotions affect me in any way, considering I trained and played with those guys a month ago.

-Do you miss Sacramento? Or do you prefer Orange County?

A: “I spent 2 and a half incredible years in Sacramento, I love the people, I love the city. Of course I miss Sacramento. To be honest, I really have been enjoying Orange County. It’s an incredible place to live, the weather, the ocean, lifestyle. Can’t complain at all.

-If the opportunity presented itself, would you consider moving back to Sacramento?

A: “Soccer is an interesting business. At the end of the day, you never know where you can end up playing, but why not Sacramento is my second home.”

-What would’ve made you stay in Sacramento

A: “Not much. The club just needed to say that they wanted me to stay and I would’ve…”

-How’s the season been going with you and Orange County?

A: “It has been a roller coaster so far. The team is getting along more and more after each game. With the quality players we have, we should make playoffs…”

Indomitable City Soccer Alex Leguizamo
Ivan in an Orange County kit vs his former team Sac Republic. Indomitable City Soccer/ Alex Leguizamo

-What are some lessons you’ve learned these past 3 USL seasons?

A: “Preki taught me the most important lesson so far, that the only way to get better is to give the maximum every time I put my cleats on.”


Thank you so much Ivan for agreeing to do this! I am extremely grateful to have gotten the opportunity to do my first ever interview with you! I wish you the best the rest of this USL season, keep in touch my friend!






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